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CGI (Crown Global Insurance) Products: Non US and Other

*Consist of private placement variable life insurance and annuity contracts where the management and custody of insurance account assets are in the hands of the world's most trusted asset managers and custodians.


Non-US: Insurance products consistently provide advantages for individuals around the world. While specific laws do vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, most countries do grant favorable tax and investment treatment towards insurance products. Non US Persons can generally purchase compliant life and annuity products from foreign life insurance companies provided the products adhere to all applicable regulations. Crown has strong expertise in the international insurance business and consequently can provide customized insurance based solutions. Please consult your local legal advisors or a Crown office for assistance to determine if you qualify to work with Crown.


Large High Death Benefit: Crown has access to significant insurance and reinsurance support. We provide access to secure large policy death benefits and can provide both MEC and Non MEC policies with up to $500 million in coverage. This is provided through an exclusive insurance program managed and developed by Crown.


Segregated Accounts: Similar to the laws of virtually every US State, all of Crown's Variable Life and Annuity contracts are segregated by law. Under the laws of Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, each segregated account is protected from claims against Crown and the assets are neither comingled nor managed with the company's general account assets. Additionally, offshore life insurance contracts can provide personal asset protection for the policyholder as well.

Source: http://www.crownglobalinsurance.com/products